A little more on who we are and why we do what we do

What we do?

World Performers Canada Inc. (WPC) in partnership with Dance World Cup Europe, is proud to offer exciting opportunities to competitive dancers across Canada. Our goal is to offer elite dancers the ability to travel to different European Countries to compete on the World Stage in all dance disciplines.

WPC will travel to Sitges, Spain in June 2018 and represent our nation in Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary and Tap dance disciplines. Over 3000 dancers are expected to attend this event from over 20 countries.

Travel, Dance, Experience, Compete!


• We guarantee an organized, positive and professional experience.
• No hidden fees
• Rehearsal schedule established before you sign up
• Top Choreographers from across Canada working with our dancers
• Optional excursions while visiting Europe
• Assistance with extended stays and travel plans from a professional travel agent


National Team Placement awards are being offered to trusted competitions from Vancouver to Halifax to offer elite dancers an automatic position on our team to represent Canada in their respective discipline. We ask competition directors to instruct their adjudicators to offer these awards to top dancers in Acro, Ballet, Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern/Contemporary and Tap in two divisions: 9yrs.-12yrs. and 13yrs.-16yrs.

All chosen participants will be given a printed congratulatory letter with directions on how to get in touch with our company directly to answer their questions and receive a performers package.


In recognition of our supporters in our venture to offer a truly “National Team” experience; we would like to recognize you through our digital media pages and advertisements. We sincerely appreciate your assistance with being able to inform as many dancers as possible about the opportunity to Travel the World, Dance with new friends, Experience new cultures and Compete on a World Stage.